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Lakeview Golf Course - Region 6 - Northeast
Reviewed by: Satoru Asato - Edina, MN - Satoru shoots in the 100's.
Review Summary:  Such potential; so disappointing. Website description is an outright lie. A classic case of you get what you pay for. Cheap for a reason. Stay away.
Conditions:  Terrible. Probably the worst course maintenance condition I've ever experienced. Tee grounds and greens are frost damaged. Fairways are weedy. No 2nd cuts along the fairway.
Scenery: Nice. Three holes give a nice glimps og Lake Superior.
Layout: Weaves through young forest. Nicely incorporates intersparsed water as hazards.
Services: Non existing. No water on course. No beverage service carts.
Course Ratings
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Overall Rating: 1 Star
Value Rating: 1 Star
Overall Difficulty: 3 Stars
Putting:  1 Star
Balls Lost: 6-8



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