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Minnesota Golf Golf Tips
"Keeping Pace Can Be Fun For Everyone"
Chuck Klecatsky PGA Professional
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As summer winds its way into fall there are quite a few more weeks of great golf to be played. I feel the best golf of the season is ahead of us. The courses are in top condition after a healthy bit of sun this season, and the leaves are not yet making their fall descent to the ground. One subject that I'd like to remind all golfers of is dealing with the amount of time it takes to play 18 holes. With an effort by all players we can speed up rounds all over the Lakes Area

One of the few ways a late season round of golf can be ruined is by having slow play. I want to share with you some ideas about how to play ready golf and help everyone on the course to enjoy the beauty that is around them.

  • Always be ready to hit
  • Proceed directly to your ball
  • Plan your shot as other players are hitting
  • Use a pre-shot routine and have it finish when it is your turn to play-Don't start your routine as your partners stare at you as they wait!!
  • Don't waste time on the course
  • Never record your score on the green, write it on the next tee
  • Don't leave your cart or bag in front of the green. Park behind the green in the direction of the next tee.
  • Give instruction only on the practice range, play golf when you are out on the course.
  • Drop your cart partner of at his or her ball, then drive to where your next shot is played from.
  • On the tee
  • Let shorter hitters play first
  • Bring a second ball to the tee if there is trouble around the landing area
  • Watch your partners shot so you can help locate their ball
An interesting fact to consider is that if every player were to save 5 seconds on each shot during the round the total time spent golfing would be shortened by 30 minutes!! So please remember to play ready golf and keep everyone on the course happy throughout the rest of the season.



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