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Minnesota Golf Golf Tips
"The set up and pre shot routine"
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Posture - You should have just enough bend in your knees to feel balanced and light on your feet. Weight should be distributed evenly from heel to toe. Your back should be straight with your chin up high, well off your chest so your front shoulder has plenty of room to turn under your chin on the back swing. I often see players wearing bifocal glasses with their chin tucked against their chest because they have to look out the top correction in their glasses. This position will restrict the turn and lead to other problems.

Pre shot Routine - The starting point to every shot is behind the ball. Determine all of the potential problems and then visualize the shot. It doesn't matter what your individual routine is just as long as you do it the same way every time and don't hold up play. If you notice any great player's routine, you could put a stopwatch on them and their routine will be the same every time. A good routine will help you remain calm and focused and keep your mind in the present, prepared to execute a shot to the best of your ability.

Stance Width - Position your feet so the insides of your feet line up with the outside points of your shoulders for the long clubs and slightly narrower for the short clubs. The stance is for balance and power.

Distance from ball - The club should be soled flat on the ground. The arms hang comfortably, slightly outside of vertical. Your hands remain the same distance from your thighs, regardless of the club you are using. A good reference point is one to one and a half fist widths from your thighs.

Ball Position - Driver - the ball is placed opposite the front heel. The clubhead will be moving level to slightly upward when it contacts the ball. Mid-irons - the ball is positioned slightly forward of center. Wedge - play the ball right in the center.




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