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"I Shoot About 95..Which Is Good For Me"
Greg Schulze · PGA Master Professional of Instruction
Sawmill & Loggers Trail Golf Clubs
How do you know what is "good for you"? Do you know something none of the rest of us know… namely your POTENTIAL? Your potential (and mine) is in your future, and virtually unknown to us, don't you think? Have you conceded to the game that a certain score is "good for you", and you do not have the ability (either mentally or physically) to improve?

Now, I could see that mental attitude as acceptable in a game which has a perfect score like bowling or dart games, but in a game in which following your best score ever, you could still recount your round and realize that you could have done better? In a game in which LPGA superstar Annika Sorenstam declared in the press conference after shooting 59, "I should have hit my approach shot closer on #__ hole"?

What would have happened to Annika or any top player if at some point they proclaimed to themselves following a round of golf… "that's good enough for me!" Obviously golf improvement (or anything else for that matter) is a private choice, and you can give up anytime you want with no one allowed to push you further. The only one allowed to "push" you is YOU!!

As a PGA Professional who has dedicated his career to helping players enjoy golf through lasting improvement, it is hard to hear these kinds of statements and those types of attitudes because I know I can help you improve, and I know that by improving you would enjoy the game even more than you do now (or are you starting to dislike it because you are not improving…hmm?) . I know how frustrating it can be to believe you can achieve more, but are not seeing the results. I have set my own personal playing standards very high, so I know what its like to fall short. But that does not mean we give up! And giving up ALWAYS begins with an attitude doesn't it?

Of course I realize that you have many more important things in your life than your golf score, I am not being unrealistic about that, but when you do get time to practice, when you do get time to play, or when you do get time to take lessons, make the most of it by not conceding a score or result before you even begin. Convincing yourself that a score is "good for me" gives you no reason to effectively practice, take lessons, or even play better. Don't do that to yourself, don't limit yourself by an attitude. You and I do NOT know what's "good" for us, that's why we play… let's find out!!




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