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Minnesota Golf Golf Tips
What "Program" Are You Running?
Greg Schulze · PGA Master Professional of Instruction
Sawmill & Loggers Trail Golf Clubs
I was amazed as a high schooler watching my college-bound brother create computer programs. This was back in the early 80's and compared to today, the art of programming was quite archaic. He would use small circles or boxes of written instructions which would lead the computer from step to step. And there would be "loops", either sending you back a step or two or sending you forward.

In golf learning, you are currently in one of four mental programs:

  1. Uncomfortable/Incorrect… This is how you probably started out, and if you are a beginning golfer reading this, the first few times holding and swinging a golf club, it was not only uncomfortable due to lack of experience AND incorrect since you had no formal instruction and knew little about the fundamentals of the game.
  2. Comfortable/Incorrect… The first instinct is to eliminate the feeling of being uncomfortable. Human nature comes before golf specific changes. Unfortunately, this "mental box" is the most common of all high handicap players, and you will never find your potential in this box, but it's where many of you stay because the next step is scary and the hardest to take.
  3. Uncomfortable/Correct… Yup, your back to feeling uncomfortable again because you received some positive, fundamentally correct advise and changes from a qualified professional or other source. Since it is a new feeling, the urge is to retreat back to your comfortable nest in the last box. Even though you know you are on the right track, and you can see good things happening to your golf shots, you just can't stand how awful that correct grip feels, or how "weird" that correct backswing feels etc. so you "loop" back to the preceding stage… too bad, because you almost made it! This step takes the most patience, its the box that most golf professionals become coaches, encouraging you to "hang on" until your time in this box is up. If you make it, the rewards are great as you reach the ultimate stage…
  4. Comfortable/Correct… CONGRATULATIONS! You made it to the same stage as all top players…welcome. You stuck with proper advise and made the needed changes to get you here. Through the repetition of the preceding box, you have cleared the final mental hurdle. Now your correct swings feel comfortable as well, and since it feels comfortable, why not repeat it, and if you repeat it, it gets more and more comfortable… and you get BETTER AND BETTER! Now that's a good loop to be stuck in!
What program are you currently running? Do you try things only to find yourself back where you started? Golf improvement is not unlike any other, to move ahead you need valid information, and the patience to get comfortable with it. Physical skills will not do it alone, you need mental skills even more. Are you in the wrong loop?



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