Izaty's Sanctuary Golf Course Reviews

You Might Want To Pack: Binoculars! There are so many birds here you won't believe it. The sights and sounds will overwhelm you.
Speed of Play: 4 to 4 ½ hours.
Best Change for Birdie: The closing 18th. If you have the courage to bust a driver off the tee … a birdie is there for the taking.
Best Golf Hole: #7. A well designed par 4 through the trees. The approach to this long and well protected green is just a joy. Try and be below the hole.
Size Of Greens: Some big .. some small. Some undulating … some not.
Knockdown Shot: If it's windy .. you better know this shot.
Be Aware Of: Water that comes into play on 12 holes.
Ammunition Required: Subtract 2 from your handicap. That's how many balls you'll need.
Don't Forget To: Enjoy all the wildflowers.
Best Chance For A Bogey: No question! The 600 yard, par 5, 12th. You can't reach it in two so hit your drive to the left of the twin bunkers. Hit a medium to long iron for your second to put you in good position for the approach.
Accuracy - VS - Length: #11. Hit a long iron or fairway wood off the tee. Small, shallow, green protected by bunkers and a wetland.
You Can: Cut the corner on 16 with a little courage and a right to left ball flight.
Under All Circumstances: If the pin on #5 is in the back .. don't go for it. It slopes severely away from you and you're only asking for trouble.