Superior National Golf Course Reviews

Reviewed by: Satoru Asato - Edina, MN. Satoru shoots in the 100's.
Review Summary: Played all three 9s over two days. First day, we played right after 1-1/2" of rain. The course was drenched. We walked: Canyon-River. The second day, the course was comparatively dry. We rode: Mountain-Canyon. Canyon is best of the three 9s, spectacular. River and Mountain are O.K., average. Overall, once is enough; not a value for money course.
Conditions: Greens were thick and slow. Caynon was recently aerolated and bumpy.
Scenery: No. 5 and 6 on Caynon are spectacular. No. 8 is pretty too, but with a poorly designed cart path.
Layout: No. 1 on Canyon is tricky. Could been better designed. Mountain and River are walkable, average. Canyon is not walker friendly. Signage is not walker friendly.
Services: Not friendly; no water on the course.
Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Value Rating: 2 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 4 Stars
Putting: 3 Stars
Balls Lost: 6-8

Reviewed by: Garret Larson - St. Anthony, MN. Garret shoots in the 100s.
Review Summary: Gorgeous course, was very wet but the area had been rained on for the last week. Tight course, heavy woods on both sides of most fairways. Well maintained. Greens were fast (surprising because of how wet they were).
Conditions: Very wet, but well maintained.
Scenery: Absolutely stunning. Lake Superior and the Poplar River are in view on almost every hole.
Layout: Well done, only one spot where there is a bit of a bottleneck.
Services: Pleasant.
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Value Rating: 4 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 4 Stars
Putting: 4 Stars
Balls Lost: 6-8

Reviewed by: Dick Erickson - Monticello, MN. Steve shoots in the 80s.
Review Summary: Visually spectacular, but course condition well below average.
Conditions: Large areas of bare spots and sparse grass on fairways and in roughs. Greens soft and very slow.
Scenery: The elevation changes provide for some wonderful views of the lake and surrounding woods and rivers.
Layout: Enjoyable layout. Many tight, shotmaking holes.
Services: Disappointing. Got soaked on 2nd to last green when sprinklers came on (around 7:00PM). Mentioned it to cart attendant and pro shop guy when we finished. Both made sarcastic remarks such as "It's a golf course, what do you expect." Bad service, poor conditions and over priced. I won't be back.
Overall Rating: 1 Star
Value Rating: 1 Star
Overall Difficulty: 3 Stars
Putting: 2 Stars
Balls Lost: 3-5

Reviewed by: Steve Mayo - St. Paul, MN. Steve shoots in the 90s.
Review Summary: Great course that is both challenging and scenic. 27 holes total broken into 3 segments: River, Mountain and Canyon. Lake Superior in the background on some holes. This course will definitely challenge the shot-maker in you! #6 Canyon is one of those holes that you just remember!
Conditions: Great conditions. Well-kept greens, fairways and rough. Played in mid-Sept. and the course was still in great shape.
Scenery: Well, if you like views of Lake Superior in the background on shots, a actual river running through some holes and trees surrounding most fairways, then this is the course for you. Definitely a great place to play when the leaves start to turn.
Layout: Great layout. Great elevations changes with holes like #8 Canyon having
elevation drops of over 100 ft.
Services: Great Service. Friendly and kind.
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Value Rating: 5 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 5 Stars
Putting: 4 Stars
Balls Lost: 3-5