Sundance Golf Club Course Reviews

Reviewed by: Snake Williams - Minneapolis, MN. Snake shoots in the 80s.
Review Summary: This course tops them all. Each hole has its own personality and literally slaps you in the face with its beauty and charm, but it a good way, you know.
Conditions: If I hadn't been told, I would have thought I was playing Augusta National, so you can imagine the pristine conditions of the greens and the sheer immaculate nature of the fairways. Don't stray too far from the fairway, however, because a ball in trouble will be devoured by the lush, thick, beautiful fronds that is the Sundance rough or maybe even by a passing toad that may inhabit one of the many streamlined ponds that dot the course.
Scenery: Aside from thinking you have reached heaven itself, the rest of your thoughts will be engulfed by the infinite beauty that eclipses the course. Massive elevation changes will literally steal your breath away and you will have to fight to retrieve it once again because it was stolen and now you are slightly angry, but not so much as to spoil your stay at Sundance. Imported California Redwoods encapsulate the landscape and will occasionally catch a wayward ball or two. These trees are alive with vigor and have been known to throw apples and other various projectiles at the most unsuspecting of players so be aware and enjoy the fear you will feel in the case of such a rare event happening to you.
Layout: An instant classic that contains not only par threes, but also a menagerie of holes of pars four and five. With such a plethora of assorted holes (eighteen in total) with various pars associated to them, one will never be bored in regards to the par of the hole. Water will come into play on every stroke, including all putts. This only serves to add to the masterfully crafted design that has become the legendary Sundance Golf Club.
Services: The pro-shop has amiable people of all shapes and sizes. The two fine gentlemen that served me when I attended the course were outstanding young individuals who were no doubt going to become the greatest living entities this world has ever known. Their names I cannot recall, but one had large hair, and small hands, and the other had less than perfect skin, but you know, that's ok. Look for these two wonderful individuals and make sure to tip them generously. As far as the beverage carts, I have no relevant opinion.
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Value Rating: 5 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 5 Stars
Putting: 5 Stars
Balls Lost: More than I could count.