Southbrook Golf Club Course Reviews

Review Summary: Very nice shorter course. Conditions were OUTSTANDING. From most holes you wont see another hole or group. Very spread out and yet super easy to walk. Very scenic and nice layout
Conditions: A+++
Scenery: A
Layout: B.
Services: A+ Food is outstanding! Get the wings
Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Value Rating: 5 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 3 Stars
Putting: 3 Stars
Balls Lost: 1-2

Reviewed by: Steve Gardner - Robinsdale, MN. Steve shoots in the 80s.
Review Summary: No problem getting tee time.
Conditions: A little dry. Fairway bunkers have more sand than greenside bunkers.
Scenery: Back nine- farm fields and ponds.very nice.
Layout: Very nice. Front nine wanders around a housing development.Can get into trouble off of tee. Back nine quieter, but can get into even more trouble off tee.
Services: Very friendly-very helpful-good food
Overall Rating: 3 Stars
Value Rating: 4 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 3 Stars
Putting: 3 Stars
Balls Lost: 1-2

Reviewed by: Andy Olson - Annandale, MN. Andy shoots in the 70s.
Review Summary: Southbrook Golf Club is set in a natural brook and features water (a creek, several man-made ponds, and many natural ponds and marshy areas) on nearly every hole. Although it is not overly long, the course plays rather difficult due to numerous hazards, regularly breezy conditions, and challenging greens. Hole 18 has to be one of the best finishing holes in the state. A 561 yard uphill par 5 from the back tees, your drive must carry a pond on the left while avoiding another pond through the fairway on the right. A very enjoyable and very challenging golf course..
Conditions: Well kept. Greens always roll nicely, and the fairways and tees tend to be in very nice shape.
Scenery: Nothing too spectacular, as the course is surrounded by fields and a housing development. However, the natural ponds and marshes and several secluded holes make the course quite pretty..
Layout: Front nine features several short 4's that require a very accurate tee shot. The par 4 4th (426 yards), par 5 5th (552 yards), and par 4 6th (407 yards) make up a tough three hole stretch the calls for accuracy off the tee and into the green, length, and a very sound short game.

The back nine starts off with three short yet very well designed par 4's. The fairway at the 10th narrows severely at 250 yards, so a lay-up off the tee is necessary. The 11th has a creek up the entire right side that cuts directly in front of the green. This risk reward hole can be driven from the tee, but the tee shot must carry some 280 yards in order to do so. Once the golfer finds the green, he faces the most subtly undulating green on the entire course. At 365 yards, the 12th is arguably the most difficult tee shot on the course. The hole bends left-to-right through trees with out-of-bounds down the left and hazard to the right. Even after a well struck drive, the tricky two-tiered green must be negotiated.

Holes 16, 17, and 18 make a great finishing stretch. 16 features water a mere 5 yards of either side of the fairway, so finding the short grass is absolutely imperative. At 413 yards with water all the way down the left and on the right near the green, the 17th calls for both a long and straight drive. And as mentioned earlier, the 18th hole is one of the best and most difficult finishing holes around. .
Services: Proshop staff is very courteous and knowledgeable. The Fore Seasons restaurant upstairs offers quality dining at a great price. The restaurant overlooks the golf course and the patio gives guests a great view of several of the holes, including the 18th green..
Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Value Rating: 5 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 4 Stars
Putting: 3 Stars
Balls Lost: 3-5

Reviewed by: Dan Williams - Oakdale, MN. Dan shoots in the 70s.
Review Summary: Probably the worst course I have ever played...Fortunately the round I played was free because I would never pay money to play Southbrook. I would be as well off to just his balls on my uncle's farm.
Conditions: The greens were uncut and damaged...looked like they were trying to conserve water. The feeling I got from the course and the people running it was one of financial destituteness.
Scenery: Scenery was absolutely nothing special...the course lacked a signature hole.
Layout: The layout had no design. they just mowed the lawn and decided to cut it shorter in one area and called it a green
Services: The service was terrible / the carts were noisy and felt like they would break down / I actually had the greenskeeper tell me to keep the cart on the path so as not to ruin the tractor marks in the fairways...these people that run this place are arrogant and stupid.
Overall Rating: 1 Stars
Value Rating: 1Stars
Overall Difficulty: 1 Stars
Putting: 1 Stars
Balls Lost: 1-2