Sanbrook Course Reviews

Reviewed by: Steve Mayo - St. Paul, MN. Steve shoots in the 90s.
Review Summary: This course is one of those courses you'd play just because you were close by and didn't know any better as I did because I had Easter Sunday brunch at the banquet hall next door. I thought the price was fair until we started off on the 1st tee, then realized we had just been taken to the cleaners. The fairways gave you the feeling that you were off-roading down some northwoods ATV trail. If these conditions were the result of the dry-spell they're having, which I doubt, then fine----lower the price then!! Go play Purple Hawk on Hwy 65, which is close by and the SAME PRICE, and you'll enjoy your round a lot more!
Conditions: Greens were modest at best. The fairways weren't good as I said before. Tee boxes need to be leveled unless you like teeing off on a hump!
Scenery: Not much. Some trees, but it's mostly open and needs a good watering.
Layout: Thought the layout was good. They've got a good course there, they just need to take better care of it.
Services: Service was fair. No cart person which I'm not sure if that was a result of it being Easter Sunday or not???
Overall Rating: 1 Star
Value Rating: 1 Star
Overall Difficulty: 1 Star
Putting: 3 Stars
Balls Lost: 1-2