Parkview Golf Club Course Reviews

Reviewed by: Mike Harris - Eagan, MN. Mike shoots in the 80s.
Review Summary: Decent course in Eagan, offers a good driving range. Advertises as "the first to open and the last to close." This is an executive course, par 63, with 10 par 3's and one par 5. Ample parking. Availability to rent electric carts and pull carts.
Conditions: Tee boxes and fairways in good condition for this early in the season, however, the greens were very rough and need some work.
Scenery: Lots of mature trees along the fairways. A nice good-looking course. Since there are water hazards on this course there were a lot of geese around. Watch were you walk!
Layout: A good variety within the course, even with the par 3's. You'll need a lot of the shots in your bag, while still being a very playable course.
Services: Staff was nice and friendly. Adequate placement of bathroom facilities on the course.
Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Value Rating: 4 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 4 Stars
Putting: 4 Stars
Balls Lost: 1-2

Reviewed by:
Josh Bruce - Eagan, MN. Mike shoots in the 80s.
Review Summary: An excellent golf course. Well kept, great for the average golfer. Anyone with a 250 drive might find this course a little short. For the price, you can't beat it.
Conditions: Well kept. Even during the dry spell, watering made things green. Well groomed, I always see someone mowing or doing other maintenance. Greens tend to play fast, but overall, one of the nicest kept public courses I have seen.
Scenery: Mature scenery. A course that has age. Trees are fully grown. A variety of trees leads to a variety of interesting plays. Bunkers could be a little nicer (maybe just some new sand), but still well kept.
Layout: As an executive course (par 63), it is shorter than most. This allows for the average golfer to have a great time. On middle of the ground holes (210 yards), they play as a par 3 for some, and 4 for the less experienced. This allows everyone to have a good time, and even those who are not experts to get a par now and then. Layout provides a range of challenges. Greens could be a little more interesting (for the most part, fairly flat), and a few more hills on the course in general would be nice, but they definitely did the best they could with the piece of land they were working with.
Services: Always a drink vendor driving around who is very personable and friendly. The staff is great and accommodating. They will do anything to make sure you have the best experience possible.
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Value Rating: 5 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 3 Stars
Putting: 4 Stars
Balls Lost: 1-2

Reviewed by: Eric Serantoni - Eagan, MN. Eric shoots in the 80s.
Review Summary: This golf course is set up very nicely. Good bunker and tree placements. I really enjoy the value.
Conditions: Decent faraway conditions, with some missing grass, but over all they are pretty good. The tee boxes on the par 3's are dirty, with little grass, but the driver holes are fine. The bunkers are very firm, with almost no fluffy sand. The greens are great in spring, fast in the summer, and covered in leaves in the fall.
Scenery: I enjoy all of the trees that are around the course, and the long prairie grass.
Layout: Great layout. You don't need to walk far at all to get to the next tee box.
Great hazard placements.
Services: Awesome service, with a great teaching pro. They are really nice and friendly. Good Jr. price.
Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Value Rating: 5 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 2 Stars
Putting: 3 Stars
Balls Lost: 1-2