Hiawatha Golf Course Reviews

Reviewed by: Mark McCorkel - Woodbury MN. Mark shoots in the 80s.
Review Summary: I set up a golf outing with 2 friends I haven't seen in a long time and my dad. I choose Hiawatha because it was as central location in regards to where the 4 of us live. We were very confused when we got out on the "course". Apparently, Minneapolis puts pin flags randomly throughout a large park with a few dirt pits and charges people a lot of money and call it a golf course. It was by far the worst golf course I have ever played. Between the dead, bumpy greens, no distinction between the rough and fairway, and extremely bumpy fairways, the course was unplayable by most any golfers standards. Will never go back and would never encourage anyone to ever play there.
Conditions: I would have expected conditions like this in early April, but for the price they are charging full price, the course was a joke!

No temp greens like a lot of other courses have, but more than half of the greens were unplayable. Dead spots, very bumpy and slow; maybe 2-3 were in good shape.

The "fairways" were extremely bumpy and rough. You cannot find a level spon on them anywhere. They have not been manicured in quite some time!

The rough and fairway was the same length and in horrible conditions.

Their "sand traps" are dirt pits, no sand to be found.
Scenery: Along the lake is nice scenery, otherwise a lot of trees and such expected with a city park.
Layout: The course plays short, only 6600 +/- from the tips. 5 par 5s, par 73 is a little goofy. Otherwise rather flat with no blind shots and a few reachable par 4s in the right conditions
Services: Service is par for what the rest of the course has to offer. not very friendly, but not rude either. Just a few guys bs'n behind the counter.
Overall Rating: 1 Star
Value Rating: 1 Star
Overall Difficulty: 1 Star
Putting: 1 Star
Balls Lost: 1-2

Reviewed by: Andrew Sundboom - Minneapolis, MN. Andrew shoots in the 70s.
Review Summary: It was a truly Minnesotan golf experience. Snow was still on the ground and yet I had the time of my life. Good friends and you could still play the course. The ground may have been white, and my ball orange, but it was a blast. They even had hot cocoa waiting for us when we finished. I can't wait to see what it looks like in the spring.
Conditions: Snowy...but at least we had tee boxes and flagsticks.
Scenery: The Minnehaha Creek and Lake Hiawatha...tough to compete with in the metro area.
Layout: Good as always.
Services: Hiawatha has a talented and inviting staff that you just can't find at a country club or even most public courses in the area.
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Value Rating: 5 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 5 Stars
Putting: 4 Stars
Balls Lost: 1-2

Reviewed by: Steve McPherson - Richfield, MN. Steve shoots in the 90s.
Review Summary: Practice areas great, fairways great condition, greens not so great 60% great condition. 40% horrible condition I will not be going back for awhile 5/30/06 played. I invited a friend from the southwest metro to my closest course and basically was embarrassed.
Conditions: Nice day.
Scenery: Nice scenery.
Layout: Good to average.
Services: Excellent, very friendly.
Overall Rating: 3 Stars
Value Rating: 2 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 4 Stars
Putting: 5 Stars
Balls Lost: 1-2