Goodrich Golf Course Reviews

Reviewed by: Dave Nord - St. Paul, MN. Dave shoots in the 80s
Review Summary: Goodrich is a Ramsey Cty. course located in Maplewood. Par 70, plays just over 6200 yds. from back tees. Traditional parkland style course built in 1965. Bunkers on most holes and water on some. The trees that were planted on the course have matured nicely, so shots in the tree lines can cause problems. The original greens are very small, placing a premium on accuracy on your approaches. Several greens have been rebuilt in the more modern large, undulating style. The signature hole is #6, a 520 yd. par five that starts off with a drive over water that favors a fade to the right side of the landing area for a second shot over a narrow saddle that is guarded on both sides by huge oak trees with overhanging branches. Out of bounds all the way up the right side adds to the challenge of this hole. Course has a reputation for being too easy, but the winning score in a MPGA tournament held there several years ago was over par.
Conditions: Course maintenance has been inconsistant in past years, with the greens playing ridiculously slow and roughs mowed everywhere from 2" to not at all. New course manager came on last year and things have started to improve.
Scenery: The course is pleasing to the eye in the way that parkland style courses tend to be. Hole # 1 borders North St. Paul road and Hole # 9 borders the Aldrich Arena parking lot. Otherwise, you really feel like you are in a park the rest of the way around. You see a few residential buildings at the east end of the course but they do not loom over you. The northern border of the course parallels the Gateway Trail. The ponds are all man-made and are not kept consistently filled.
Layout: Considering the relatively small piece of ground, the course does not just play back and forth, but gives you a variety of angles to wind and sun. Most of the OB trouble on this course is on the right, except for the first hole, which is left. Has more elevation change than you might think driving by, but is very walk-able. However, the clubhouse is a long way from the ninth green, making it difficult to get up there, make a purchase and make it back to the tenth tee, which is right next to the ninth green, and keep pace with the group ahead. Many people walk right across the 18th fairway to get to the clubhouse and back, disrupting play on 18.
Services: The clubhouse is managed by a long entrenched pro who does not stock a pro-shop, give lessons, or ever even play the course. However, some of the staff are welcoming and act like they care. The food is your basic hot dogs, brats, frozen pizzas and chips. Beer is all American lager. Beverage cart service is erratic and rarely on the course before 11:00AM even on the weekends. The one outdoor pop machine near the ninth tee has not been in service for over 2 years. Ranger service is erratic as well, so pace of play can sometimes be agonizing. Green fees will be $30 for 2007, making this course a questionable choice when other better run and maintained facilities are available for similar money.
Overall Rating: 2 Stars
Value Rating: 2 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 3 Stars
Putting: 2 Stars
Balls Lost: 1-2