Glen Lake Golf Course Reviews

Reviewed by: Eric Moreira - Golden Valley, MN. Eric shoots in the 100s.
Review Summary: A well laid out 9 hole exceutive course close to the Twin Cities with a full bag driving range, one practice green, and a nice clubhouse.
Conditions: Of the 10-15 times I play at Glen Lake in a year it has never been in poor condition. Even when the weather was dry I noted how nice the course was. The greens are green and smooth and the fairways are never full of patches.
Scenery: Excellent! There are a couple of holes close to a busy 2 lane road but the rest are very well laid out. There are mature trees, nice hills and elevation changes, and a couple of water hazards.
Layout: There are only 2 sections where you need to worry about another golfer hitting you with their shots. Most of the holes have tall mature trees to separate the golfers. The only problem would be the fact that 2 of the holes are across a 4 lane road so there is a little hike involved but it is better than cramming all of the holes next to each other.
Services: The people are friendly, with the exception of one grumpy dude, and the beverage cart comes around frequently.
Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Value Rating: 3 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 3 Stars
Putting: 3 Stars
Balls Lost: 3-5