Bellwood Oaks Course Reviews

Reviewed by: Scot Gallagher - St. Paul, MN. Scot shoots in the 90s.
Review Summary: The course was in horrible conditions, all of the fairways were dead and we were given no heads up about the poor conditions and still had to pay full price.
Conditions: The grounds need some major work. In the small patches that were green, you could still see the chunks of sod.
Scenery: The scenery was fine, curse has potential if it was taken care of properly
Layout: The course layout was alright. There is one hole where you have to hit a par 3 then walk back the length of the hole for the tee box of the next hole.
Services: Service was good, nothing spectacular, but they were very defensive when confronted about not being informed of the course conditions when the tee time was made.
Overall Rating: 2 Stars
Value Rating: 1 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 3 Stars
Putting: 2 Stars
Balls Lost: 1-2

Reviewed by: Harvey Ebbighausen - Burnsville, MN. Harvey shoots in the 80s.
Review Summary: Fun place to play Monday thru Friday noon. On the weekends its a killer...5 1/2 hour rounds. Why.. no starter and the rangers don't enforce fast play.
Conditions: Course is well maintained. Lots of trees to test your skill. Rough is a non factor except for native grass areas. Water comes in play on three holes, 3, 10 and 14. First timers will have trouble with holes 11 and 13. Drive up a take a look or it will cost you a stroke or two.
Scenery: Nothing really noteworthy as terrain is relatively flat on the front nine but has more character on the back nine with rolling terrain. Bellwood Pines would seem more appropriate than Bellwood Oaks.
Layout: There is not one extra acre to add to the course so they have done, what I consider, an admirable job of utilizing every square foot of land in building this course. It,s fun to play and offers a challenge. Good short game and you will do well here.
Services: Basically no service provided here. Practice range is available now so that is a good thing but otherwise your on your own. One last thing...the food is the worst in all of Minnesota..bring a granola bar for the back nine.
Overall Rating: 3 Stars
Value Rating: 3 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 2 Stars
Putting: 1 Stars
Balls Lost: 1-2

Reviewed by: Nicky Backspin - Watertown, MN. Nicky shoots in the 70s.
Review Summary: The best value out there, period. Scenic, well kept course for under $30, you can't go wrong.
Conditions: Excellent. I was surprised by the conditions. Rough was fair, the greens were superb and the fairways were perfect.
Scenery: Great scenery. Mature trees abound with several scenic views.
Layout: Great layout with an easy walk. There are a few tricky holes and a few where you can bomb away. Yardage plays long due to the par 73 (Three par 3's). If you are driving well a good score is there for you, if not, the trees will get you, though the course is not too tight.
Services: Top notch. Very nice people and the pace of play is perfect. This course is a must play.
Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Value Rating: 5 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 4 Stars
Putting: 4 Stars
Balls Lost: 1-2

Reviewed by: Steve ol' Hacker - St. Paul, MN. Steve shoots in the 90s.
Review Summary: Course was in pretty good shape this early in the year. Seemed crowded though for the first few holes. Either they let a bunch of groups tee off one hit after another or the ranger wasn't keeping the slower groups moving along up ahead? I want to go back and play it again and this hopefully we won't have to wait 10 min. on every hole to tee off.
Conditions: Very good for being this early in the year. Greens, fairways and rough looked good. The course was pretty open with a lot of room for error.
Scenery: Thought it was pretty good. The pack of dogs that kept barking from some house got annoying, but overall it was good.
Layout: The layout was bottle-necked starting out, but got better on the back nine.
Services: They could of done a better job of spacing the groups out. We got there and were ready to tee off 15 mins before our tee time and as soon as we were half-way down the 1st fairway, there was a group teeing off right after us. We were right behind a group in front of us so we had to wait and then play and then wait. Not fun when you like to get into a groove and just keep a steady pace.
Overall Rating: 3 Stars
Value Rating: 3 Stars
Overall Difficulty: 2 Stars
Putting: 3 Stars
Balls Lost: 1-2